Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 22 Jan 2022 13:36:07 +0530 en-us Mist Maker Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Ultrasonic Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The ultrasonic humidifier has risen in popularity by a large number of people to keep dry and flaky skin at bay. Neither is less moisture good and nor is excessive moisture, and thus we bring to you a vast range of ultrasonic humidifiers which aids in balancing the moisture. For the best deals on superior quality ultrasonic humidifiers, buy ultrasonic humidifiers from us at Electrosun Paj Private Limited. Our latest range of modern ultrasonic humidifiers is evaluated on its hard water output, humidistat accuracy, the efficiency of energy, noise, convenience, and the output of moisture before being offered to you. Reliable Place to Buy Ultrasonic Humidifiers All our humidifiers are designed to humidify a particular area with extreme perfect moisture output and are built with user-friendly controls and visible displays of settings and humidity levels. Our convenient to use humidifiers are easy to install and operates smoothly sans any interruption. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain. The sound released by all our humidifiers are also extremely low, thus ensuring your peace is not disturbed. Rigorous Quality Testing There are plenty of reasons as to why we are being relied upon as the best ultrasonic humidifiers manufacturer in Ahmedabad. The testers are used to calculate the energy amount of our humidifier models uses to release the gallons of water into the air. The capability of how well the humidifier is reaching and can maintain a humidity standard is also tested through humidistat accuracy. The moisture output of the humidifier is also tested before being offered to you. Choose The Best Humidifier for Yourself The humidifiers offered by us are designed to keep the size of rooms in mind and are capable of humidifying approx. 25 square feet to 1000 square feet and more. Our selective range of humidifiers doesn’t trigger any kind of allergies unlike other products or breed any kind of mould and dust mites. Moreover, you can easily move all our ultrasonic humidifiers be it a floor model or a table model. The wick of our evaporative humidifiers is economical, easy to replace, and simple. Ultrasonic Mist Maker SMPS Mon, 02 Mar 2020 00:00:00 +0530 When it comes to ultrasonic mist maker with SMPS, nothing beats the quality and assurance of products than in Electrosun Paj Private Limited. We offer a variety of models for switched-mode ultrasonic mist maker with SMPS, being the largest and the most reliable ultrasonic mist maker SMPS manufacturer. Catering to the diverse needs and requirements of the customers, the ultrasonic SMPS can be bought from is at an unbelievable price. The ultrasonic mist maker that we offer is available in outputs like- Single, Double, Triple, Quad, and Din rail type. Finest Quality Ultrasonic Mist Maker with SMPS Our professional bunch of manufacturers uses a unique piezo-electric device to offer you the finest, smoke-like mist that can, in turn, be put to use for a vast array of settings and applications. The ultrasonic mist maker with SMPS that we provide you with is also aided with the humidistat controller. The humidistats would bring your humidity under control automatically. Our machine is turned on and off automatically as per need. Make Ultrasonic Mist Maker a Part of Your Life The huge range of ultrasonic mist maker that we offer for you is preferred for its amazingly low operating charges. You can always rely on us for quality-approved ultrasonic mist maker with SMPS. We are always known in the market for our optimum performance products with long durability. Plus, our mist makers also have low-maintenance and are easily portable. Premium Ultrasonic Mist Maker with SMPS Our range of ultrasonic mist makers with SMPS is equipped with quite a humidifier, diffuser, and a piezo atomizer disk. We are widely popular for our mist makers; thanks to the upgraded components they are made with. Ultrasonic Mist Maker SMPS Manufacturer We manufacture ultrasonic mist makers keeping your target humidity, ambient humidity, type of room material that you used, and air exchange in mind. The bigger mist makers that we offer are suitable for concrete rooms that absorb more moisture for a long time before levelling out. Ultrasonic Nebulizer Mist Maker Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Ultrasonic nebulizers have become an extremely important tool, which reaps the benefits of aromatherapy sans wasting any oil or being risky. Our range of ultrasonic nebulizer in Gujarat at Eletrosun Paj Private Limited, are popular for turning water and aromatherapy oils into a cooling mist. The ultrasonic nebulizers offered by us are extremely easy on the pockets and is also an oil-saver. We manufacture ultrasonic nebulizers with the power to impart a purifying effect on air which thus helps those allergy-related and breathing issues. Our portable nebulizers offer aerosol medication therapy and are manufactured using licensed components that are sourced from trustworthy vendors. Quality-Assured Ultrasonic Nebulizer Mist Maker Manufacturer Our collection of nebulizers helps you deal with respiratory illnesses with a pro. Moreover, they also function like humidifiers in an air-conditioned room or dry climates, by adding some moisture to the air. Our professionals ensure that our range of nebulizers succeeds in turning the airless sharp, without making it humid. Your Well Being Taken Care by Ultrasonic Nebulizers The ultrasonic nebulizers in Gujarat release negative ions which are believed to accelerate the oxygen flow to your brain. Thus people with sleep apnoea, breathing difficulties, and stress headaches can largely benefit from it. All the ultrasonic nebulizers that we offer are safe to use, unlike traditional burners, and keeps all the burning hazards at bay. Our Ultrasonic Nebulizers Ensures a Good Sleep Our range of ultrasonic nebulizers doesn’t bother your sleep, thus ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. Being the largest ultrasonic nebulizer mist maker manufacturer in India, we only offer excellent products to our customers. Our ultrasonic nebulizers are durable and its stretchable double tubes are capable of producing tiny and dense particle mist. Agricultural Ultrasonic Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Fog Mist Maker Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 If you are looking for ultrasonic fog mist maker, which would be efficient, consuming minimum electricity and providing effective, results, the Electrosun Paj provides the best fog mist maker at affordable rates, INR 10,000 per piece. You could order as many as you want in accordance with your flexibility. They come with the perfect dimension and consume 48 V Dc and could range between temperatures -5 to 45 Degree Celsius. With a capacity of 5L/Hr and semiautomatic, it would reduce the load of manual labour. Fog Mist Maker Manufacturer in Ahmedabad- Reliable and Sincere We are one of the leading acknowledged companies who do the manufacturing of industrial appliances using the highest quality international standard material. We specialise in producing and serving you with industrial products manufactured using the latest equipment under the watchful eyes of our professionals. Our company has been known as the most reliable and competent in the market delivering products to clients even during tough conditions. We offer you highly accurate and precise fog mist maker, ultrasonic humidifier and a lot more. We do not just stop there but provide service through the time you would be using our manufactured items. We are equipped with the latest infrastructure so that we perform quality manufacturing and shipping. Meet Global Requirements with Electrosun We were established in 2015 and have come a long way in providing matchless services and seeing growth in business with high standard products. If you want to order any of the products in bulk, we are capable of delivering that with perfection and on a timely basis. We are not afraid to take that extra step to ensure you are satisfied with what we have to offer. We have the well-furnished infrastructure, maintain ethical business policies and have a fast delivery policy with unparallel servicing at affordable and cost-effective rates. We have served many satisfied customers so far without giving them a reason to feel disappointed. Textile Ultrasonic Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Our premium quality textile ultrasonic humidifiers put the moisture back into the air and combat with dry air which in turn hinders your textile production facility with yarn breakage, lint, fly, dust, low regain, and static build-up. Our range of wholesale textile humidifiers at Electrosun Paj Private Limited enhances the profitability of your textile manufacturing in several ways. Not only does our humidifiers prevent loss of moisture during the processing of textiles, but it also maintains the strength and elasticity of yarn through maintain the correct humidification. Our efficient textile industrial ultrasonic humidifiers maximize the weights of products, besides improving the machine speeds and quality. How Do Textile Ultrasonic Humidifiers help? The ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers help in producing better yarn with higher margins by maintaining the elasticity and strength of yarn through correct humidification. Moreover, the higher humidity given out by our humidifiers helps prevent the reduction of product quality and productivity by combatting with machine jams, due to static in the air. The humidifiers are known to dissipate static charges naturally, thus keeping the problems at bay. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers Maximises Weaving Efficiency The optimal humidification from our ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers prevents the breakages of yarn in weaving besides bringing the down the possibilities of machine breakdown which also leads to weaver’s knots and loop stop marks in the finished product. Leading Industrial Humidifier Manufacturer All our textile industrial ultrasonic humidifiers deliver between 5-12 degrees Celsius evaporative cooling to the textile manufacturing units, while suppressing lint, fly and dust. This helps in keeping the atmosphere for employees-balanced, healthy, and more productive. Cashew Ultrasonic Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Description: Ultrasonic humidifier is a advance technology to produce fine water droplets from water at room temperature. Ultrasonic humidifier use a piezoelectric transducer to create a high frequency mechanical oscillation in a film of water. This forms an extremely fine mist of droplets about one micron in diameter that is quickly evaporated into the air flow. Features: High evaporation capacity Low maintance Advance water level controller Cost effective Effective temperature controller User friendly Low power consumption Cold Storage Ultrasonic Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 If the quality of your produce is suffering due to dehydration during storage, then it would be high time to get your hands on a cold storage ultrasonic humidifier. This humidification could be the solution for your problems and it would help in maintaining the quality of the produce as well- vegetables or fruits anything. The humid air prevents evaporation from the fresh produces and thus helps in maintaining the quality and prevents any kind of damage. Eletrosun Paj - Your First Choice for Industrial Products Within cold storages, dehydration has always been a problem. It causes loss too and this is one problem which should be addressed as soon as possible. As a part of the cooling system, the moisture from the products is extracted this could damage them. Thus, we are here to provide you with global standard products and not leave you disappointed. We deliver you with high standard products at really affordable price INR 22, 000. It is fully automatic and humidification capacity would be 5L.HR and operating temperature 0-50 Degree Celsius. We as your cold storage ultrasonic humidifier manufacturers and suppliers, Ahmedabad ensure that you get the right product at the right price. We have been in the market since 2015 and have gained the trust of our customers. With a powder-coated finish, weighing 16kg, you could place your order of minimum one unit. Why Go for Cold Storage Ultrasonic Humidifier? Prolongs the shelf life Maintains quality Low energy usage Drip-free humidifiers You could always talk to our team of professionals who have had enough experience in the field. For us, your satisfaction matters the most. Our cold storage ultrasonic humidifiers have been the leading product trusted by many. Efficient and low-cost, not just installation, we provide timely service for all our products too. Commercial Ultrasonic Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We are the leading manufacturers, exporters and supplier of this products. Laboratory Ultrasonic Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Description: Ultrasonic humidifier is a advance technology to produce fine water droplets from water at room temperature. Ultrasonic humidifier use a piezoelectric transducer to create a high frequency mechanical oscillation in a film of water. This forms an extremely fine mist of droplets about one micron in diameter that is quickly evaporated into the air flow. Features: High evaporation capacity Low maintance Advance water level controller Cost effective Effective temperature controller User friendly Low power consumption   Mushroom Ultrasonic Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 One of the best ways to get success when it comes for mushroom cultivation would be maintaining the proper humidity. This should be done throughout the mushroom growing cycle. This could be maintained in an artificial way using mushroom ultrasonic humidifiers. Mushrooms can be 90% water, and therefore require high levels of humidity so that it could pin properly as well as to initiate proper and healthy development. The substrate would crack if there is not enough humidity. But, again with too much wetness, it could promote bacterial growth; hence the right humidity level is necessary for promoting good growth. Mushroom Ultrasonic Humidifier in Gujarat- Promoting Healthy Mushroom Growth Electrosun Paj Private Limited is one of the leading companies established in 2015 providing quality industrial products using high-tech equipment for faster manufacturing and delivering. Our price is one of the cheapest in the market but rest assured, no compromise is made when it comes to quality maintaining the highest quality. Each piece would cost INR 30, 000 and you could place an order according to your convenience. Model type ESPPL-5, it has a humidifying capacity of 5L/HR which is quite efficient. Our mushroom ultrasonic humidifier comes with properly packaged with RR cable. It could operate on a diverse temperature range between 0-50 with a frequency of 50 Hz. With a polished finish of powder-coating, we under our mentor Mr Arvind Chaudhary try in achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Why Our Mushroom Ultrasonic Humidifier in Gujarat? If you want to get success with your mushroom cultivation, our humidifier would be the best choice. This comes with spinning discs that would be vaporizing the water droplets and pump it into the mushroom chamber. The benefit of piping it would be that the humidity would also be bringing fresh air helping in reducing CO2 levels. Our products have been sold over the years and have gained quite a reputation in the market. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are known to add moisture or water to indoors, because of the rooms turning dry during the winters. At Eletrosun Paj Private Limited we offer the largest variety of ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers that are widely in demand by people who mostly stay indoors. Unlike most other humidifiers, we do not have any reliability issues with our products. No wonder, why we are the best ultrasonic cool mist humidifier manufacturer in India. Our collection of industrial cool mist humidifiers doesn’t need to be maintained regularly and works smoothly. The technology that we use in manufacturing ultrasonic mist humidifiers has come to a long way and aids you to use it sans any hassle. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers Are Easy to Maintain Our quieter and easy to maintain ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers omit the white mineral dust which is responsible for triggering respiratory issues. Our range of cool mist humidifiers is also powered to humidify a large square footage area. The technical specifications reflecting how much square footage area we humidify, are all mentioned in our website. The Many Benefits of Choosing Us Our quality-approved industrial cool mist humidifiers relieve asthma, allergy, and col related problems by keeping your nasal passage moist. The cool mist humidifiers that we offer also prevent nose bleeds and aching sinuses by retaining the moisture level in the rooms. We manufacture cool mist humidifiers in a way to reduce the static electricity in the air. All your valuable and cherished wood furniture followed by musical instruments are also protected from the warping and cracking, by our humidifiers. Affordable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers The ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers that we offer are super cheap and easy to operate. Moreover, they are much quieter when compared with evaporative cool mist units. You can choose when to clean our humidifiers as they are low-maintenance products.